Stability Staffing & Consulting (SSC) maintains national operations in our headquarters located in San Antonio, TX and specializes in a wide range of professional recruitment services for professional and allied healthcare personnel as well as administrative and clerical professionals.


Our temporary solutions offer clients access to a growing database of pre-qualified personnel for flexibility and control of your contingent workforce. We are able to deliver high quality personnel who possess all necessary skills, experience and qualifications.

SSC’s in-house recruitment, selection and qualification processes ensure that we can meet any volume of personnel requisitions in short term, long term and as immediate requirements. Our process is designed to deliver actively engaged employees who will provide value to any client from day one. Our service will cover all state & federal taxes, workman’s compensation, payrolling expenses and onboarding which will help reduce operating costs, free HR manpower and provide employees quicker and more efficiently.


Our temp-to-hire option is designed to give our client’s the peace of mind of hiring full time employees without the financial and operational risks, by eliminating potential bad hires. Temp-to-hire allows you to evaluate a temporary employee’s performance, work ethic, customer service sills and cultural fit before extending a full time offer.

SSC’s temp-to hire service gives our clients a flexible hiring option so you can bring in expertise only when and where you need it. You will be able to evaluate a possible new hire without regret or a disruption in daily operations and narrow down talented candidates without having to go through a large number of bad hires.

Direct Hire

SSC’s direct hire option helps to reduce the costs and time associated with recruiting. Our stringent sourcing processes means you will only receive verified candidates who are ideal matches based on job qualifications and a demonstration of proven past performance.

We have the right resources in place for professional, nationwide placements across a wide range of specialties. With direct hire services from SSC, you will be able to cut advertising costs and eliminate unqualified applicants that flood in from job postings. Our searches are quick, streamlined and effective. A member of our team will be with you every step of the staffing process in order to truly understand your company’s corporate values, culture, goals and objectives.